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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Updated: Thursday, April 16, 2015


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“Vacation Travel Tips”


With spring just around the corner, thoughts turn to “Where do we go this year for a vacation?”  Many of you will drive to other states to visit relatives and some of us to other vacation sites here in the US.  Many of us take a CCW firearm with us when we travel. That’s where your vacation could get interesting. 


Last year John Filippidis, a Florida resident with a CCW permit, went to visit relatives in New Jersey but wisely decided to leave his gun at home because of New Jersey’s anti-gun laws.   Mr.  Filippidia and family were on their way back home from visiting relatives in Woodridge, N.J. when he was pulled over by a Maryland Transportation Authority Police officer. 


Mr. Filippidis, who was not speeding, was asked for his license and registration and then the Officer said, “You own a gun, where is it?”   Mr. Filippidis responded, “It’s at home in the safe.”  Mr. Filippidis was then separated from his wife and the couple’s children were placed in another MTAP vehicle.  All were questioned about the location of “the gun.”


 For one and  half  to two hours the MTAP Officers searched through Mr. Filippidis’ vehicle and luggage and patted down Mr. Filippidis’ wife and children looking for “the gun.”   After finally finding no “gun,” they allowed the badly shaken  family to continue their journey back home to Florida. 


It seems that Maryland police have and are taking full advantage of a “computerized license plate reader” called “Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology” (ALPR), which Maryland Police have linked to their “Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.”   This is a personal information “data mining system” that collects and makes available to all  Maryland law enforcement officers your personal information by linking this info to your license plate and driver’s license!   It seems that Maryland is not too keen on honoring its CCW reciprocity laws and this is what got Mr. Filippidis into hot water through no fault of his own. 


What I write below is not what I’d call a “hard confirmation,” but it comes from unnamed Law Enforcement Officers.   Take this with a grain of salt please.


All license plates travelling through Maryland ALPR assignments are recorded.  Their system is set up to allow flags to automatically notify local LEOs.   Every time one of the flagged license plates are detected by the ALPR, an alert is generated.  Now back to the “Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.”


 This “Center” has access to and contains Florida’s CCW list (among other identification systems) and mines the state’s database systems for vehicle plate numbers of  the holders.  These license plate numbers are then stored in a cross referencing database within the Analysis Center.   This could well be the “contributing factor” in Mr. Filippidis’s traffic stop and his being detained and searched by the MTAP Officers.


This is but one of similar “traffic stops” that  have taken place in the U.S. last year.


I’m sure none of us want to be subjected to this type of detainment, so before you travel check out the States through which you are going to travel and contact the State Police Headquarters of any such states for the latest information.


 I still have family back in Indiana and Ohio and until we get National CCW Reciprocity I’m staying out of  these states:

California, Connecticut, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon,  Rhode Island,  Wisconsin, District of Columbia.


Y’all have a good and safe vacation!

Until the next time, 



James Lankford

Congratulations to
ORA Member

James Lankford,
United States Senator!


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In the late Summer of 2005, ORA Executive Director Charles Smith walked into the Capitol office of longtime ORA member and friend State Rep. Kevin Calvey.  “Kevin, we need something like this,” handing him a copy of Florida’s “Castle Doctrine” law.  Rep. Calvey subsequently authored the bill,  adding additional safeguards.  During the next session his bill was introduced and adopted.   Oklahoma now had the best “Castle Doctrine” law in the nation, thanks to Kevin Calvey and the ORA. 

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